The festivities around the 25th anniversary of MHPE were celebrated in May 2017. A special festive MHPE symposium was held on May 31th 2017 and on June 1. the 2015-2017 cohort graduated. We are very proud and congratulate all our MHPE graduates:

Abigail Winkel, Alex Moroz, James Tessaro, Fazna Saleem, Harm Peters, Hylke Brouwer, Kay Choong See, Kristin Carmody, Lindsay Melvin, Lynsey Martin,  Mary Osinga, Piet Leroy, Rupal Shah,  Saad Y Salim, Sarah Blisset, Sayaka Oikawa, See Meng Khoo, Sonja Zinken, Ye Phyo Aung

From USA, Canada, Malaysia, Germany, the Netherlands, Singapore, Ethiopia, Japan and Myanmar................well done and keep in touch!

Thanks to you our graduates, alumni, students, partners and staff the MHPE is already 25 years the succes that you made of it and worthwhile celebrating together.