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  • Date 
    October 14, 2019
    Application Deadline 
    September 15, 2019
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  • € 1.750
  • (6 ECTS)
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Certificate Course Curriculum and Instruction

About this online Certificate Course

Course Coordinator Danielle Verstegen, PhD:

“The certificate course ‘Curriculum Instruction’ has been designed for participants who are involved in course design and/or course or curriculum coordination in the field of health professions education. Imagine the following: Your institution asked you to make a contribution to improve the curriculum. You are enthusiastic, but you don’t exactly know what best practice is. Which steps do you need to take, and how can you approach this task systematically?
As instructional designer, you need an overview of the curriculum before you can zoom in on more specific parts or aspects that need a redesign. Therefore, you first need to analyse the curriculum to acquire insight into the reasons why change is necessary or desirable. How can you identify strong and weak points, and the causes of these strong and weak points? And how can you then redesign (a part of) the curriculum to improve the weaknesses”?

ONLINE COURSE Also flexible starting dates upon request possible.

This certificate course can be followed as a replacement for a corresponding MHPE unit  (6 ECTS).  

The Certificate Course Curriculum and Instruction includes the following themes:
  • Course and curriculum design in health professions education
  • Instructional design models
  • Curriculum analysis
  • Needs assessments
  • Skills teaching and simulation

Health Professions Education veterinarians

Education setting veterinary medicine. Copyright Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht University

When pursuing this course, you will get acquainted with literature about instructional design and the importance of a systematic curriculum analysis. Then the guidelines and tools that can be used for a curriculum analysis will be explained.

For the first assignment you will conduct a curriculum analysis; you will make use guidelines (e.g. when to analyse, how to involve stakeholders) and tools that can be used to systematically analyse a curriculum. With use of this analysis, you will discover strong points and gaps in your own curriculum.

For the second assignment, the acquired insights will be used as a basis for a redesign of (a part of) the curriculum, including a scientific justification and a description of future steps to take.

After pursuing this course you will be able to systematically analyse the own curriculum and to underpin a curriculum (re)design with scientific evidence.

More information and contact

If you have more questions about this course please send an email to: and we will keep you informed.

Note: By successfully completing this certificate course, the participant can receive a replacement for a unit of the first year of the MHPE programme with a validation of two years.

Principal Staff involved

  • Danielle Verstegen, PhD