The SHE 2018 autumn edition of the Advanced Course Writing a PhD Research Proposal will take place 2-10 Octobre 2018: Registration deadline 31 July 2018

Starting with this course can be your gateway to the SHE PhD programme?

In the past year you showed an interest in a PhD at the School of Health Professions Education, If you are still interested we offer a preparatory course to get you started with guidance of SHE staf.

If you have a great research idea for pursuing a PhD degree in the field of health professions education, but you are not sure how to transform your idea into a viable research plan, then don't look any further: This advanced course is exactly what you're looking for! Twice a year, we admit around ten new participants to the course. They are guided through the process of writing up their research ideas. Our experienced scientific staff gives them optimal support to eventually produce a serious research proposal. Although admission to the SHE PhD programme is not guaranteed (this depends on the progress of the participants), enrolment in the course offers an invaluable experience, interacting with both peers and SHE staff members. Thus, the course not only contributes to your scientific writing skills, but also to your professional network.

The application deadline for the October edition of this advanced course is July 31. For more information, email and please check our website at: 

Hope to see you in October! Pascal van Gerven, PhD (coordinator)


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