Personal name 
Fleur de Meijer
Present job 
Senior Lecturer and Family Physician and participant of the Certificate courses Curriculum instruction and Assessment and Evaluation

When I moved from Amsterdam to Nairobi and started working as a lecturer, I realized that there was a big difference in curriculum set-up compared to what I was used to. I started looking into the certificate course on Curriculum and Instruction offered by SHE Maastricht as I wanted to find out what type of training and assessment would work best for our setting.

During the course, I discovered a whole new world of thinking which I found so inspiring that I kept reading about it. What I particularly liked, was the fact that I could work on the course in my own time while still having the opportunity to benefit from personal and professional guidance by the course coordinators. The assignments provided me with new insights on how to significantly improve parts of the training program I was involved in. The course inspired me to start another Certificate Course on Assessment and Evaluation, with the ultimate goal of starting the MHPE, as I did since may 2017.

I would recommend the certificate courses to anyone in the healthcare field who would like to gain confidence to improve parts of the training programs they work with, start a research-project in health professions education or just as a means to spread out the work for the MHPE.