Francisco M. Olmos-Vega
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Francisco M. Olmos-Vega, SHE Community Chair

"I would like to thank the School of Health Professions Education for the fantastic opportunity of becoming the new chair of the Alumni International League. I'm looking forward to facing the challenge of extending and sustaining our global network; we should reckon with the fact that together we are stronger. I feel honored to accept the job partly because I'm quite proud of being a SHE outcome. I would like to contribute to moving forward our valuable alumni network of educators and educational researchers. In the coming years, I hope together we will be able to strengthen our network in such way that we will further increase the sharing of our experiences and continue learning from each other’s expertise.

Pursuing the MHPE programme and then becoming a PhD candidate has changed my professional career and has helped me to grow both scholarly and personally. What I enjoy the most of SHE is its concern about constructing a supportive community; it was crucial for finishing my MHPE on time, and it is also vital now to avoid feeling disconnected as an international student.

Telling you a little bit about myself, I'm born and raised in Colombia and currently working as an Anaesthetist Instructor at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá. Since I worked on my MHPE thesis, I got captivated by workplace learning and clinical supervision, which has become my research niche in the PhD.

Once again, thank you!"

Francisco M. Olmos-Vega / Anaesthetist Instructor at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá & SHEILA chair