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International students in health-professions education face unique challenges in beginning and conducting their research studies, which is why SHE offers a range of research scholarships to make its research more accessible. It aims to provide young researchers with an insight into future opportunities within health-professions education research; help them to build up experience in a particular area of health-professions education research, and encourage them to pursue a career in research, often in combination with clinical work. Special attention is given to students from developing countries.

Eligibility Requirements: Requirements to students depend on the type of scholarship; see information under each specific scholarship. Some scholarships are only open to students from developing countries as defined by the United Nations. Students can no more than two times apply for the same type of scholarship. When a student has received a particular scholarship, it is not allowed to apply for the same SHE scholarship again. Decision on granting applications will be made by the SHE Research Director, after consulting the management team of Research in Education.

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What can be covered? Depending on the type of scholarship, one or more of the following costs can be covered: Tuition fees, material research costs.

Applications and Selection: All scholarships are granted on a competitive basis, on the basis of required documents and, in a few cases, an interview. Some scholarships are only open to applicants from developing countries.

There are two application deadlines per year, but each scholarships has only one deadline:

Deadline Scholarship Eligibility Scholarship
1 July 2021 Material research costs SHE PhD candidates from developing countries

SHE Research Scholarship



1 July 2021

1 December, 2021

Course Writing a PhD research proposal  SHE MHPE graduates who completed the Research Track

 SHE Research Scholarship



1 December 2021  Coursework at PhD level International SHE PhD candidates

SHE Research Scholarship