Language support (NEW)

A high-quality PhD dissertation, spanning at least four journal articles, marks the culmination of a successful PhD trajectory. For some non-native speakers of the English language, however, writing up their research may be quite a distressful job. How to pay attention to style, avoid abstractness, and make your writing more vivid? How to get your message across while attending not only to correct spelling, grammar and punctuation, but also to consistency? PhD students who are struggling with such issues may, in consultation with their supervisors, send their manuscript to the editor/translator of SHE for a language revision, as long as their manuscript complies with the formal requirements of the journal it will be submitted to (maximum number of words, structure/headings etc.). Similarly, non-Dutch speaking PhD students who wish to have their PhD dissertation summary translated into Dutch can contact:

  • Angelique van den Heuvel, MA