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In this course, the focus is on the essential moments of choice in the qualitative research process, including selecting your research design and your analytical strategy. Your own project is the central theme guiding you through the course. Depending on where you are in your study, you will get hands-on with designing your study or analyzing and interpreting your data.

Many opportunities for peer exchange and individual consultations will enable you to reflect on and shape your own work, as well as learn about the moments of choice involved in qualitative research more broadly.


The course is delivered by a multidisciplinary team of health professionals, social scientists and educationalists who have been involved in a wide range of qualitative research projects. Including qualitative research projects in health sciences, health professions education and beyond, including global health and medicine

  • Dr. Janneke Frambach (course coordinator)
  • Professor Anja Krumeich
  • Dr. Renée Stalmeijer
  • Professor Pim Teunissen

Participants Profile:

This course is intended for (FHML) PhD students and other researchers, who are planning or conducting a qualitative research project, and wish to extend their knowledge and skills related to qualitative research design and/or data analysis. 

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