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  • Date 
    May 25, 2020
    Application Deadline 
    May 1, 2020
Course fee
  • The tuition fee is € 15,400 to be paid in two installments of € 7,700.
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Master of Health Professions Education

“MHPE graduates lead innovation and research in health professions education all over the world”

Dr Danielle Verstegen, MHPE Programme Director

MHPE information concerning COVID-19 virus 

The COVID-19 virus is causing countries around the world to impose restrictions on travelling and large gatherings. In the Netherlands large gatherings have been banned at least until April 6. We assume that this ban will be lifted before the start of MHPE programme  in May, but we know that many of you will not be allowed or may not want to travel anyway.

Therefore, we have decided to offer the first contact unit of the MHPE programme online for those were scheduled to come to Maastricht. This will require some creativity and flexibility of participants and teaching staff. It is not an ideal solution, but we will do our very best to provide you with a good quality start for the MHPE programme.

This means that it will be possible to start the MHPE programme as scheduled on May 25. The application deadline has been postponed to May 1, but please consider that there is a limit to the number of places available. For any Please contact


The mission of SHE is educating the best health professions educationalists and professionals. Alumni of our MHPE programme often undertake a PhD trajectory and become involved in SHE research.

Please consider there is a limited number of places (max. 30). Only complete applications will be handled. Candidates will be admitted in order of (completed) applications.

Programme information

Health professionals play an important role in preventing, treating and curing diseases and in promoting health, not only for individuals but also for society as a whole. It is essential to ensure that those who train healthcare professionals create effective educational programmes that result in high-quality health services.

The Master of Health Professions Education gives you the knowledge and skills required for a career in health professions education and research. The MHPE is a two-year, half-time programme taught in English that is largely based on distance learning. You will receive a Master of Science degree in Health Professions Education.

You will be required to come to Maastricht for at least two campus-based periods of three weeks. The first campus based Unit 1 at the beginning of the first year (25 May - 12 June 2020), and Unit 7 at the beginning of the second year (17 May-4 June 2021). You will also be invited to present your Master’s thesis and attend the graduation ceremony in Maastricht at the end of the programme (June 2022). 

Specific distinctive features of the SHE MHPE programme include:
  • The programme is strongly research-oriented.
  • The programme is explicitly internationally oriented.
  • The programme is accredited and has been awarded the distinctive quality feature for internationalisation.
  • The programme focuses on innovative learning environments.
  • The programme collaborates with partners in Canada, New York and Singapore, thereby exchanging best practices and staff expertise.
  • The programme offers the opportunity to stay connected in the SHE Community after graduation. In this community, alumni who became leaders in health professions education around the globe stay strongly involved and together form a network of health professions education experts worldwide.


The MHPE programme is firmly rooted in educational theory and practice. You are required to continuously use theory-based insights in dealing with authentic educational problems. Cases used in the programme are derived from health professions education, and you will also be asked to work on cases from your own professional environment. Exploring the interrelationship between educational theory, research and educational practice is a fundamental characteristic of the MHPE programme.

Dentistry Master of Health Professions Education SHE, Maastricht University

Student profile

The MHPE attracts an international group of professionals from a variety of educational, professional and cultural backgrounds. To participate you need to have obtained a university degree in one of the health professions in your own country (e.g.: health sciences, medicine, nursing, physiotherapy, dentistry, pharmacy, speech therapy) and you need to be involved in education in their own professional field in some way.

The master of Health Professions Education can also support your development as a health educations researcher, as a first step to a full PhD degree or as a participant in a research project or research collective (including ‘Kenniskringen’ in the Netherlands)

Nurses training in Health Professions Education SHE

What will the MHPE mean for you and your career?

The international and inter-professional MHPE environment offers a rich learning environment at any point in your career. Whether you are a junior or experienced health professional, the MHPE is your next academic step towards a career as educational researcher and/or educational innovator. For junior health professionals the programme offers the opportunity to prepare for a career combining clinical work and education. For those who already have some teaching experience this is the best way to prepare for a management position in health professions education. Finally, for experienced health professions educators, by gaining a background in theory and research, the programme affords an excellent opportunity to enhance their impact on educational practice and to build a large, international network in health professions education and research.


MHPE Graduates 2019

Principal Staff involved

  • Danielle Verstegen, Programme Director
  • Janneke Frambach
  • Pascal van Gerven