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  • Date 
    May 22, 2023
    Application Deadline 
    April 1, 2023
Course fee
  • € The tuition fee is € 16,700 to be paid in two installments of € 8,350.
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Master of Health Professions Education

Master of Health Professions Education graduates are leading stakeholders in world-wide innovation and research in health professions education”

Dr. Danielle Verstegen, MHPE Programme Director

MHPE is an accredited Master of Science programme with a special distinction for internationalisation (CeQuint).This Certificate confirms that a programme or an institution has successfully incorporated an international and intercultural dimension into the purpose, function and delivery of its education.

New revisited MHPE Curriculum in 2021, WHY?

Watch the introduction video to the new MHPE Curriculum here

Develop yourself

The two-year, part-time Master of Health Professions Education (MHPE) programme of SHE has a great reputation and has achieved an excellent position in global rankings together with its collaborating SHE Master’s programmes run in Canada, New York and Singapore.

Innovation is part of SHE’s DNA. We have revisited the MHPE curriculum in order to make the programme even stronger, more up-to-date and in keeping with current challenges in the field of HPE. Quality and innovation is what drives us, and our goal is to educate leaders in Health Professions Education that can really make a difference. We train our students to take on leading educational roles: by contributing to research, designing innovative education or by managing complex educational tasks.

For this reason, we have developed a new curriculum for you. We have listened to different key stakeholders (health professions educationalists, MHPE alumni and our partners in the field of HPE). We have researched their needs: what competencies do they require, now and in the future? Career perspectives in this field of practice demand knowledge, not only of the diversity of educational roles but also of the latest research in this domain. We have also looked at new insights and theories in the educational domain, so that we can ‘Practise what we preach’ and let you experience what we believe in.

We have worked hard to translate these innovations and research insights into our new curriculum. It is simple: to become the best, you need the best educational training. That is why we have improved our new MHPE programme to be compliant with the latest standards and insights and have turned it into a unique and distinctive programme for you. The programme will start on 22 May 2023.

Online and partly on campus

You will be required to come to Maastricht for at least two campus-based periods of three weeks. There is a campus-based introductory course at the beginning of the first year (22 May - 9 June, 2023), and the second three week period at the beginning of the second year on 21 May - June 8, 2024.* You will also be invited to present your Master’s thesis and attend the graduation ceremony in Maastricht at the end of the programme (June 2025).

Specific distinctive features of the new MHPE programme

A personal and personalised learning experience guided by a coach.

  • Elective learning tasks focus on three roles:
    • Educational designers;
    • Educational leaders; and
    • Researchers in health profession education.
  • The emphasis is on self-regulated learning, on how to develop your competencies using formative feedback:
    • Student-centred learning;
    • Authentic learning tasks; and
    • Programmatic assessment.

The eight competencies & 3 roles

Flexibility and tailor-made approach; blended and part-time learning alongside your job.

  • Flexibility in terms of content: you can choose certain electives in the curriculum and apply your local context to the assignments. More than half of the programme consists of elective learning tasks that you can choose from with the help of your coach.
  • Flexibility in terms of time: you can spread the workload over the year as it suits you. You also have the opportunity to complete the programme in less than two years or to complete it later (for a small delay fee).

Internationalisation as the leading principle.

  • The programme has a strong international and interprofessional character. Through its intercultural approach you will learn how to navigate diversity, a core competency of the programme. Learn with and from each other and become part of the MHPE community.
  • The MHPE collaborates with SHE Master’s programmes run in Canada, New York and Singapore and is therefore continuously exchanging best practices and staff expertise.


MHPE Programme information

SHE’s mission is to educate leading health professions educationalists and professionals. Health professionals play an important role in preventing, treating and curing diseases and in promoting health, which matters not only to individuals but also to society as a whole. It is essential to ensure that those who train healthcare professionals create effective educational programmes that result in high-quality health services.

The Master of Health Professions Education provides you the knowledge and skills required for a career in health professions education and research. Alumni of our MHPE programme often undertake a PhD trajectory and become involved in SHE research. The MHPE is a two-year, part-time programme taught in English that is largely based on distance learning. You will receive a Master of Science degree in Health Professions Education.

Objectives and benefits of the new curriculum for MHPE graduates

The MHPE programme is firmly rooted in educational theory and practice. You are required to continuously use theory-based insights in dealing with authentic educational problems. Cases used in the programme are derived from health professions education, and you will also be asked to work on cases from your own professional environment. Exploring the interrelationship between educational theory, research and educational practice is a fundamental characteristic of the MHPE programme.

Design your own MHPE through:

Elective learning tasks, thereby organising your own competency development.

In the new MHPE curriculum, you are the leader of your own competency development. You will collect the work that you do on obligatory and elective learning tasks in a portfolio. You will graduate as soon as you have achieved the required competencies, and it is up to you to demonstrate this. You reflect on your goals and your achievements so far, and then choose your next set of learning tasks with the help of your coach. You gain insight into how learning works for you and for others. This way you steer your own development and prepare yourself for the future career that you aspire.


Central to this MHPE master’s is the portfolio: a personal, electronic file in which you collect all the feedback and information about your competence development. By keeping this portfolio, you will be able to manage your progress and development throughout the programme. You do that by means of self-analysis and self-reflection. In addition, your coach uses the portfolio to guide you in the best possible way. At the end of each study phase, the portfolio is used to assess the progress you have made and the level you have reached.

Guidance from a SHE Coach

Throughout the programme you will have your own coach who guides you in organising your learning process yourself and who monitors the quality of the educational process. In this way, you can develop yourself to the maximum and lay the foundation for a career as a health professions educationalist or researcher.

Inclusion in the SHE community

During the MHPE Master’s programme, you will gradually become part of the international SHE Community. You will be encouraged to collaborate on projects or research. Sharing knowledge, collaborating and innovating will not only take you and the domain to a higher level, but it will also increase the impact of your efforts. You will lay a foundation for your future career and collaborations with the professional networks that you build around you.

Student profile

The MHPE attracts an international group of professionals from a variety of educational, professional and cultural backgrounds. To be eligible for application, you need to have obtained a university degree in one of the health professions (e.g.: health sciences, medicine, nursing, physiotherapy, dentistry, pharmacy or speech therapy) and you need to be involved in education in your own professional field.

The Master of Health Professions Education also supports your development as a health professions education researcher, by being a first step to a full PhD degree or as a participant in a research project or research collective (including ‘Kenniskringen’ in the Netherlands

MHPE Graduates of 2019

What will the MHPE mean for you and your career?

The international and interprofessional MHPE environment offers a rich learning environment at any point in your career. Whether you are a junior or experienced health professional, the MHPE is your next academic step in your career as educational researcher and/or educational innovator. For junior health professionals, the programme offers the opportunity to prepare for a career combining clinical work and education. For those who already have some experience as an educator, this is the best way to prepare for a management position in health professions education. Finally, for experienced health professions educators, by gaining a background in theory and research, the programme affords an excellent opportunity to enhance your impact on educational practice and to build a large, international network in health professions education and research.


Principal Staff involved

  • Dr. Danielle Verstegen, Programme Director
  • Dr. Janneke Frambach
  • Dr. Jill Whittingham