Master of Health Professions Education Singapore


4 July 2022

Registration deadline:

9 May 2022

Tuition fee for MHPE-S*

Fellows of Academy of Medicine, Singapore (FAMS):

€16,000* for MHPE Course & Book Fees to Maastricht University + S$14,300 Supplementary Fee to AMS for to Conduct Residential Units 1 & 7 in Singapore (inclusive of GST)


€16,000* for MHPE Course & Book Fees to Maastricht University + S$17,600 Supplementary Fee to AMS for to Conduct Residential Units 1 & 7 in Singapore (inclusive of GST) 

*Fees are to be paid in two instalments. 

About The Academy of medicine Singapore:

AMS is a professional institution of medical and dental specialists devoted to advancing the art and science of medicine in Singapore through postgraduate specialist training; maintenance of high standards of competency and ethical integrity through continuous professional development as well as dissemination of information and knowledge to the public on matters related to health. 


The MHPE-Singapore is a 2-year, half-time programme that is mostly online distance-based, but includes two 3-week campus-based courses (one per year) and thesis supervision/mentorship offered by local experts in the field.

The programme focuses on the acquisition of knowledge and skills relevant for a career in the field of education and education research for the health professions. The MPHE-S focuses on the acquisition of competencies and abilities (knowledge and skills), relevant for innovative medical and health professions education in Singapore.


This two-year, internationally recognised, specialisation course will lead to a research-based Master’s degree from Maastricht University.


The MHPE programme is firmly rooted in educational theory. Participants are required to continuously use theory-based insights in dealing with authentic educational problems. Most of the cases used in the programme are derived from the student’s own professional environment. Exploring the interrelationship between educational theory, research and educational practice is a fundamental part of the MHPE programme

Graduates will be able to:

  • understand and critically evaluate the theoretical and empirical literature as it relates to education for the health professions;
  • design, plan and implement a relevant course for health professionals based on current principles of learning and instruction;
  • demonstrate the ability to provide scientifically based advice and help to teachers, curriculum committees, or management of an educational institution;
  • demonstrate teaching skills and innovation implementation skills;
  • conduct an empirical study on a topic of relevance to the field, including the formulation of a question of interest, the design of the study, collection of reliable and valid data, elementary statistical analyses relevant to the data collected and writing a report on the findings. Alternatively, one can choose to design an assessment plan, skills training programme or course, applying the principles underlying the design, planning, implementation and evaluation plan.

MHPE-Singapore Coordinator

Dujeepa D Samarasekera, Director at Medical Education Unit, National University of Singapore, MBBS, MHPE, FAMS, FAcadMEd (UK)

Teaching faculty

Student profile

The MHPE-Singapore programme is open to students who have acquired a university degree in one of the health professions (e.g., health sciences, medicine, nursing, physiotherapy, dentistry, pharmacy, speech therapy). A competitive admissions process will be run each fall.

Application requires:

  • Statement of Intent (max. 2 pages)
  • Current CV
  • Letter of Support (max. 2 pages) from department or programme chair outlining support for protected time
  • Description of an Educational Problem or Issue that interests the applicant (max. 1 page) 

More information

For more details: please email