Methodological and Statistical Consultation

Good methodological and statistical practice are of paramount importance at all stages of a research project. How to design your study? How to sample participants for your study? When to plan repeated measurements and how to analyze repeated measurements data? What to do when your study participants come from a variety of institutes or group units otherwise? How to deal with missing response? How to interpret and report on research findings?

For these and other important issues, PhD candidates within SHE can contact Jeroen Donkers (mailto://, data manager of SHE. Based on topic, expected methods, and availability of the PhD candidate and consultants, a PhD candidate will then be assigned to one of the following consultants: Dr. Jeroen Donkers, Dr. Carlos Collares, or Dr. Shahab Jolani.

Qualitative research consultation

For questions and consultancy regarding qualitative research methodologies and methods, PhD candidates within SHE can contact the SHE qualitative research consultants, Janneke Frambach and Renée Stalmeijer