Mission, Vision & Societal Impact

The story of SHE,

We made an animated explanation where SHE stands for. With a mixture of imaginative, creative, thoughtful, meaningful, colourful animations, we tell our story being a top research institute with high quality courses and programmes and SHE collaborates as our international office. We hope to sparkle your enthusiasm to work with us on innovations, in research or to get involved in our courses or Master or PhD programmes. Watch our story here


The Maastricht School of Health Professions Education (SHE) is a graduate school for education, research and innovation in health professions education.SHE provides high quality multidisciplinary research and teaching aimed at the improvement of health professions education.

SHE helps you to innovate education programmes.

With its education and relevant research, SHE contributes to filling the economic and social need for educating leaders in the health professions. Courses are geared towards future professionals who learn to manage change within their fields, overcome organisational barriers, and effectively direct the future of health care delivery systems. It is also geared towards scholars who excel in research. SHE research focusses primarily on learning and innovative learning environments, assessment, and evaluation.


As part of Maastricht University, SHE provides a stimulating environment where research and teaching are complementary, where innovation is our focus and where talent can flourish. We are driven by our passion for health profession education and by sharing this passion with our students and health education professionals. In order to improve the health of communities by advancing health professions education, SHE gives students the opportunity to increase their knowledge in this field through its education and research programmes. Together we learn, innovate, develop skills, conduct research and share the same passion. Our goal is to create a challenging atmosphere for future health education professionals who wish to get the most out of themselves and their environment.

 Top research institute in health Professions Education SHE Maastricht University

SHE’s societal impact

SHE provides education and research at a high academic level that responds to relevant societal issues. It focuses on theoretical insights as well as on the application of these theoretical insights to practice from a multidisciplinary perspective. Continuous educational innovation is a core principle at Maastricht University and one that we constantly consider. All of SHE’s educational programmes serve professionals in the domain. Thus, societal impact is not merely an effect of but the actual reason for the existence of our programmes. For our educational programmes (short courses, MHPE, PhD), contributions to educating professionals in the health professions domain are an important indication of societal impact.

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