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The Story & Impact of SHE

The Story of SHE

We made an animated explanation where SHE stands for. With a mixture of imaginative, creative, thoughtful, meaningful and colourful animations, we tell our story of being a top research - and educational institute, offering high quality HPE courses and degree programmes to enrol. SHE collaborates our activity domain for consultancy and training with an International focus plays and important and synergetic role in our story. Get a glimpse of our three core activities domains: research, education and international collaboration activities, all aimed at the improvement of health professions education. We hope to spark your enthusiasm to encounter and work with us on innovations, in research or to get involved in our courses or Master or PhD programmes. Watch our story here

SHE makes impact

Towards the best possible healthcare; now and in the future, that is what SHE stands for and focusses on. The way SHE contributes to this goal is a calibrated combination of high-quality research, training global healthcare education researchers, developers and leaders. In addition, we are supporting healthcare education development projects worldwide. Our three core activities are SHE Research, SHE Educates and SHE Collaborates. The following SHE Case studies for the Midterm report 2018-2020 illustrate the wide range of our activities and impact.

The impact of SHE Research

Research on education is crucial to increase our understanding about how to optimally educate healthcare professionals. Preparing (future) healthcare professionals for the delivery of high-quality care within the dynamic context of healthcare settings is no small feat. SHE Research activities have resulted in major developments in assessment of learners, design of curricula, understanding self-regulatory processes, and unearthing the dynamics of optimal workplace learning environments.

The impact of SHE Educates

Continuous educational innovation is a core principle at Maastricht University and SHE is at the forefront of innovation. Innovation requires insight in current educational approaches and the latest developments. That is what SHE Educates’ educational programmes offer. Our courses, Master in Health Profession Education (MHPE) and PhD programme serve professionals in the domain. Over the past 5 years, more than 21 people from 10 countries graduated from our MHPE and more than 27 people from 20 countries finished their PhD. Together, this SHE community of educators and scholars impacts health professions education, research and healthcare.

The impact of SHE Collaborates

Internationally, SHE Collaborates is creating impact through numerous consultancy and development projects. SHE Collaborates engages in long-term educational development projects based on requests from (educational) institutes abroad. This ranges from collaborations between local educators and SHE staff to facilitate faculty development courses to being the main partner in the development of a new undergraduate medical education curriculum based on problem-based and active learning principles.

Want to make an impact too?

Do you want to join our effort to contribute to the best possible healthcare by investing in high quality education? Check our upcoming events and deadlines on this website or contact us here.

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