Find out in the SHE Summer Course 17-21 June 2019

In this way the course is relevant not only to those who would like to make an immediate switch to PBL as an integrated educational system, but also to those who prefer a gradual

Arno Muijtjens passed away on 2 April

After several few month of illness, the news came as a great shock to all of us.


About the research of Anique de Bruin: “Play, stop, pause? Optimizing learning through effort regulation”.

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Assessment and Evaluation

In this online course you will dive into topics related to high quality assessment: reliability, validity and educational impact and quality.

Two themes are central in this course:

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In this course, the focus is on the essential moments of choice in the qualitative research process, including selecting your research design and your analytical strategy.

How to explain in three minutes what SHE is doing is not easy but a joy to make with all our creativity.

30 September

New project within the SHE program Research in Education

This new project within the SHE program Research in Education aims to integrate the topic of cost effectiveness and providing high-value, cost-conscious care as new, important elements in the medic

24 August

Shiphra Ginsburg1 September, 10.00 a.m.Promotors: Cees van der Vleuten, Kevin Eva, Lorelei Lingard

23 June

JuneAcademyHealth 2016 Annual Research Meeting June 26-28, 2016, Boston, Massachusetts