At the School of Health Profession Education, we have about 15 PhD candidates each year that defend their PhD Thesis. Many of these theses are of very high scientific quality.

The SHE Research management team has studied all theses that were defended in 2020 and, after careful consideration, selected Daniel Schumacher’s thesis as the winner of the SHE Dissertation Award

02 February

February 2, 2022 from 14.00-15.15 hours CET.

For all interested in starting with the SHE MHPE programme on May 16, 2022 we organize an online Question and Answer zoom on 2 February 2022.

30 September

New project within the SHE program Research in Education

This new project within the SHE program Research in Education aims to integrate the topic of cost effectiveness and providing high-value, cost-conscious care as new, important elements in the medic

24 August

Shiphra Ginsburg1 September, 10.00 a.m.Promotors: Cees van der Vleuten, Kevin Eva, Lorelei Lingard

23 June

JuneAcademyHealth 2016 Annual Research Meeting June 26-28, 2016, Boston, Massachusetts

17 March

The new cohort of the Master of Health Professions Education (MHPE) will start May 17, 2016 with the three weeks campus-based education in Maastricht.

31 January

7th International Winter Course on Problem-Based Learning (PBL) in Medical Education in Saudi Arabia

04 January

Awards for SHE at NVMO