Register now for the online certificate course on Assessment and Evaluation. Upon completion of this course, you will be well equipped with knowledge and understanding about the concepts of quality and quality assurance within educational organisations and about the role of assessment in education and quality assurance.

‘Educational quality is an important issue for higher education managers, teachers and students, and the general public is becoming increasingly interested in efficiency and effectiveness of education. As a consequence, most educational institutes have been compelled to develop instruments, processes and procedures to ensure delivery of this desired educational quality. The main goal is to monitor educational quality and gather information about course elements in order to improve the course. However, we must keep in mind that course evaluation is, or should be, part of an internal quality assurance system. 

High-quality assessment is of utmost importance but also a challenging topic for many teachers in the healthcare professions. It not only involves a high-stakes decision-making process, but also influences how and what students learn.

The study load of this course is 6 ECTS, which is equivalent to 168 study hours. The course is scheduled to be completed in 8 weeks with a maximum of 16 weeks.

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