Assessment and Evaluation

In this online course you will dive into topics related to high quality assessment: reliability, validity and educational impact and quality.

Two themes are central in this course:

Quality in education: course evaluation

The first concerns quality assurance within educational organizations. In this, (program) evaluation is placed in a larger framework of concepts of quality and quality assurance based on literature.

Strengths and weaknesses of assessments methods

The second topic is about student assessment, in which we focus on modern assessment methods and how they can be used in (integrated) curricula.

A 100% online course gives you a lot of freedom, advantages and benefits such as:

  • Easily combining work and learning
  • Getting a certificate in minimum 8 weeks’ time
  • Specializing in the topic of your choice
  • Working in your own pace your way up towards a Master degree MHPE
  • Specializing in Health Professions Education objectives of your own choice.
  • A scientific approach, study theories and apply these to your own context.
  • Coverage of innovative themes within Health Professions Education.
  • Flexible learning; work at your own place within overall course time limits.
  • Guided online learning, incorporating the latest learning tools
  • Online assessment.
  • Learning by the Maastricht University approach: self-directed and goal-directed learning.

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