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  • Date 
    December 21, 2022
    Application Deadline 
    November 15, 2022
Course fee
  • € 1.850
  • (6 ECTS)
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Online Certificate Course Organization and Leadership

About this online Certificate Course

We are currently revising the certificate courses to make them align with the revised MHPE curriculum. For this reason, the revised course will start in December 2022.

Course Coordinator Mohammed Meziani, MSc:

‘The Certificate Course in Organization and Leadership is designed for participants who face the challenges of successfully managing and leading in health professions education or medical education.

Like any other organization, institutes for medical and health professions education cannot function without good leaders and managers. Staff members are often challenged with the demanding task to lead a multidisciplinary team, even though their professional training did not sufficiently prepare them to become a good manager and leader within an educational setting. How to become more successful in management and leadership in a medical and health professions education context?’


The study load of this course is 6 ECTS, which is equivalent to 168 study hours. The course needs to be completed in 9 weeks.

Online course Organisation and Management in Health Professions Education, SHE Maastricht University

The Certificate Course Organisation and Leadership includes the following themes:
  • Organization and Management in medical and health professions education
  • Stakeholders, mobilizing support and dealing with resistance
  • Leadership influence on change
  • Change management

In this Certificate Course, you will first explore stakeholders involved in curriculum change. Based on this analysis you will learn how organizational resistance works and how to mobilize support for your change initiatives.

After completing the organizational analysis, you will study theories about leadership and work out a strategy development plan to lead successful change.

The last learning task focusses on change management in crisis situations: How do you manage educational change in a dynamic context?

Completing this course will help you to understand the dynamics of the organization and management of health professions education.

health professions education organisation and leadership

More information and contact

If you have more questions about this course, please send an email to: and we will keep you informed.

Note: Upon completion of this Certificate Course, you can include the completed assignments and feedback in the portfolio of the MHPE programme and qualify for exemption in the minimum amount of mandatory learning tasks. This right to be exempted shall expire after two years. 

Principal Staff involved

  • Mohammed Meziani, MSc