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Online Certificate Courses in Health Professions Education


We revisted the certificate courses and aligned them with the new MHPE curriculum. For this reason, the aligned courses will start in October and in December 2022.

If you are interested in course organisation, SHE has introduced a programme of Certificate Courses in Health Professions Education.

‘Our research-based Certificate Courses are fully taught online; they help you to apply evidence-based educational strategies in your own work and provide an excellent preparation for our Master of Health Professions Education. We guide you on how to reach your goals and, at the same time, try to motivate you and help you with the online learning process. We wish to share our knowledge and are satisfied when you reap the rewards of it in your own work environment. 

Certificate Courses offer students the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills related to major topics in health professions education. All our Certificate Courses are equivalent to specific sections of our Master of Health Professions Education (MHPE). This means that students who have obtained a certificate for one or more of these courses and later enrol in the MHPE may skip the corresponding sections of this programme. Thus, by taking individual Certificate Courses, you can get a taste of our MHPE programme at the same time’.

Sanne Schreurs, Certificate Courses Coordinator

Fast facts

  • You can select two online courses fitting your personal career challenges and field of interest within health professions education.
  • During the course selection and study process, you will receive personal guidance from the coordinator.
  • The two Certificate Courses correspond to equivalent sections of the MHPE. 
  • Excellent preparation for our Master of Health Professions Education.
  • Doable within 9 weeks. Worth 6 ECTS, equalling 168 study hours.
  • Guidance from excellent staff.

Two Certificate Courses are provided:

* Curriculum and Instruction  

Next start: 17 October 2022

* Organisation and Leadership

Next start: 19 December 2022

Assessment, Curriculum Design, Leadership in Health Professions Education, SHE Maastricht University

Course information

1. Curriculum and Instruction

The Certificate Course Curriculum Instruction includes the following themes:

  • Curriculum analysis in health professions education
  • Instructional design in health professions education
  • Instructional (task centered) design models

Course coordinator: Maryam Asoodar, PhD

2. Organisation and Leadership

The Certificate Course Organization and Leadership includes the following themes:

  • Organisation and Management in medical and health professions education
  • Stakeholders, mobilising support and dealing with resistance
  • Leadership influence on change
  • Change management

Course coordinator: Mohammed Meziani, MSc 

Student profile

The Certificate Courses are designed for you if you have already obtained a bachelor's or master's degree and wish to deepen your insight into the course topics, but prefer not to complete the entire research-based MHPE programme (or not yet). The Certificate Courses are geared towards participants who work in the field of medical education and have expertise in teaching, such as:

  • course coordinators
  • tutors
  • trainers
  • middle managers
  • skills lab coordinators
  • clerkship coordinators
  • internship supervisors
  • junior researchers
  • researchers of Dutch universities of applied sciences (HBO lectoraat)

Certificate Course in Health Professions Education SHE Maastricht University

The possibility to enroll for the Master of Health Professions Education

The Certificate Courses offer an attractive opportunity to enrol in the MHPE programme via an alternative pathway. More specifically, by taking one or more Certificate Courses, you can be exempted from the equivalent sections of the Maastricht University MHPE programme.

This exemption affords students the opportunity to enrol in our MHPE programme at Maastricht University within two years. To be exempted from a section of the MHPE programme, the Certificate Courses must have been successfully completed.*

* The two Certificate Courses correspond to equivalent sections of the MHPE programme. For each section that you have already successfully completed by taking a Certificate Course, you will receive a discount, provided you are admitted to the MHPE programme.

Key features of the Certificate Courses
  • Guidance and tailor-made advice in your study choice process by the Certificate Courses Coordinator through Skype
  • Opportunity to set your own Health Professions Education objectives
  • Scientific approach: you will study theories and learn to apply these to your own context
  • Coverage of innovative themes within Health Professions Education
  • Flexible learning; work at your own pace within overall course time limits
  • Online learning, incorporating the latest learning tools
  • Access to the online library of Maastricht University
  • Online assessment
  • Learning through the Maastricht University approach: self-directed and goal-directed learning
  • Constructivist, collaborative and context-driven teaching method
  • Feedback through regular peer and tutor interactionKey features of a certificate course in Medical Education SHE Maastricht University

Principal Staff involved

  • Sanne Schreurs, Coordinator Certificate Courses