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PhD Programme

" The SHE PhD programme belongs to the top PhD programmes in health professions eduation worlwide. It has high internationally recognised standards, and you will be guided by internationally well-known and highly qualified supervisors."

Janneke Frambach, PhD Coordinator 


Educational research is essential for finding new and better ways to educate doctors, nurses, physical therapists and other health professionals. The general aim of the PhD programme is to develop the next generation of health professions education researchers who can contribute to research and innovation in health professions education.

The main objective of the PhD programme is to enable participants to perform educational research (typically a series of empirical studies) resulting in a PhD thesis and a PhD degree. The aim of writing a PhD thesis is to learn to independently conduct high-quality educational research.

Student profile

The PhD programme requires expertise in the area of medical education or health professions education. A theoretical basis comparable with a Master in Health Professions Education is required. If you do not have this theoretical background, we advise you to start with the Master of Health Professions Education (MHPE).

SHE PhD Programme, Maastricht University


Highly experienced and internationally acknowledged researchers provide supervision for designing and conducting studies and writing papers. You will have contact with your supervisors in Maastricht mostly by email or virtual meetings. Although the PhD programme is distance-based, the candidate will preferably come to Maastricht several times during the programme.

PhD candidates within SHE will be evaluated each year by the supervision team. If the supervision team is of the opinion that the candidate has not made enough progress, they may advise SHE’s research director to end the PhD project. As a minimum requirement, at least one publication should have been submitted to an international journal after two years. PhD candidates will also evaluate their supervisors each year.

SHE PhD Guide

The SHE PhD Guide contains everything you need to know about your PhD trajectory at SHE. It offers information about the different phases of the PhD project, from start to end, focusing on relevant topics and practical matters to consider. Additionally, this guide contains an overview of relevant websites and contact persons. 

Principal Staff involved

  • Pim Teunissen, Research Director
  • Janneke Frambach, PhD Coordinator
  • Diana Dolmans
  • Cees van der Vleuten
  • Anique de bruin
  • Erik Driessen
  • Jeroen van Merrienboer