The School of Health Professions Education is preparing the development of new course(s) and consultancy offerings to help designers with the use of the Four-Component Instructional Design (4C/ID) model

These courses can also be very useful for you as an educationalist and for researchers or their supervisors. If you are interested in this topic or in these courses, please read the invitation to participate in a short market research below. Please help us by filling out and sharing this questionnaire in your network for other interested colleagues. Thank you and best regards, Jimmy Frerejean and Danielle Vogt

Dear education designer, teacher, researcher,

The four-component instructional design model (4C/ID) is known as a versatile design model for education. Although it is used in many educational contexts, it is still growing in popularity. It offers solutions to many of today's challenges and problems.

Translating general design guidelines into a specific context is not always easy. That is why the Department of Educational Development and Research at Maastricht University can support you in this. We are developing new courses and consultancy programs to teach you as educational designer about 4C/ID and support you in applying it in the context of a (re)design of your program(s). 

Help us with your knowledge and experience, please fill in the questionnaire!

We are very interested in your opinion to gain a good understanding of the challenges that educators face today and how support could best meet your needs. You know better than anyone what could be improved in your practice and what form of support would benefit you.

We have drawn up a short questionnaire that can be completed in a few minutes. Anyone involved in designing education can answer this question, regardless of his/her role in the organization. The questionnaire can be completed anonymously. If you want to stay informed of the developments regarding our courses, you can leave your e-mail address in the questionnaire.

Do you know other people who are interested in 4C/ID, please forward this invitation!

You can find the questionnaire at

Kind regards,


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