Jeroen (H.H.L.M.) Donkers

Phone: +31 (0) 43 388 5726
Birthdate: 08-04-1963
Room: M5.06


Learning analytics, digital assessment, IT for education, e-learning

Jeroen Donkers has been trained as biologist, mathematician and knowledge engineer. He received his PhD on artificial intelligence in 2003 at Maastricht University. He worked at the departments of Medical Informatics (1987), Computer Science (1995) and since 2007 at the department of educational development and research of FHML of UM.


He is involved in innovative development and implementation of smart IT solutions for education (e-portfolio, digital assessment, ontologies, feedback, student modelling, MOOC). His current research interest is in learning analytics and digital assessment.


He is currently involved in the FP7 European project WATCHME on learning analytics and electronic portfolios



School of Health Professions Education (Assistant professor)
Working days:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
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