Elisa Bindels



Art History (BA, VU University Amsterdam), Psychology (BSc, University of Amsterdam)
Healthcare psychology with specialization in clinical neuropsychology (MSc, University of Amsterdam)

Physicians’ professional performance, continuing professional development (CPD), maintenance of certification/revalidation programs, multisource feedback, facilitation of reflection, experiential learning, School of Health Professions Education (SHE)

Title PhD Research:
Physicians’ continuing professional development: understanding and facilitating individual and group reflection

Short description:
Giving and receiving feedback for the purpose of physicians’ performance improvement has become a general practice. The introduction of several multisource feedback systems has facilitated this practice. However, a good functioning system also entails the follow up on the obtained performance information. Responsiveness to feedback, however, is a complex phenomenon: feedback can evoke emotional reactions if it disconfirms the recipient’s self-perceptions; also (a lack of) skills and the dominant professional culture may influence this process. Therefore, facilitation of a reflective conversation is key. In this PhD-project we investigate various formats for feedback conversations.

Prof. dr. Sylvia Heeneman (UM), Prof. dr. Kiki Lombarts (UvA), Prof. dr. Albert Scherpbier (UM)



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