Walther (W.N.K.A.) van Mook

Birthdate: 16-11-1967


Personal statement:

Under the guidance of Prof. Dr. L. Schuwirth, Prof. Dr. C. van der Vleuten and Prof. Dr. J.H. Zwaveling Walther Van Mook finalised his thesis “Teaching and Assessment of Professional Behaviour: rhetoric an reality” in 2011. He chairs the Committee on Professional Behaviour, is vice chair of the progress test committee, contributes to the instructorship in medical education teach-the-teacher courses (problem based learning, assessment, resident in difficulty, and quality assurance/control), external consultancy activities regarding medical education, e.g. Ghana, and Mozambique, and contributed to the national organisation of the European Diploma in Intensive Care (EDIC) exams, as well as the Competence Based Training program for Intensive Care Medicine in Europe (CoBaTrICE) of the European Society for Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM). Currently he holds the position of Dean for Postgraduate Medical Training in the Maastricht University Medical Centre. Current medical education research and development focuses on generic aspects of (post)graduate training, and on intensive care medicine specifically, including the supervision of national and international PhD students. In addition research is performed in the fields of organ donation, haematological diseases, neurophysiology and infectious diseases in the ICU.




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