Willem (W.S.) de Grave

Phone: +31 (0)43 388 5726
Room: N4.06



Educational Sciences

Faculty Development, Problem Based Learning, Workplace Learning

Is an educational psychologist at the Medical School since 1981. His major interests are in the areas of problem based learning and Faculty Development.His research is focussed on the problem based learning process (e.g. cognitive processes in tutorial groups, the role of the tutor) and Faculty development (e.g. effectiveness of training activities). In 1998 he received his PhD from the University of Maastricht with the thesis Problem based learning as knowledge construction (Probleemgestuurd leren als kennisconstructie). The thesis deals with the pbl proces in the tutorial group.Education: He is coordinator of the Faculty Development project.Furthermore he is coordinator of a unit on "learning environments" of the Master Of Health Professions Education. He served as an educational consultant in PBL in (especially) Higher Education. He produced several video-tapes about problem based learning.


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