Monday: Modern learning principles in student centred education
  • Interactive session: Introduction, PBL and preparatory assignment
  • Debate: Advantages and disadvantages of student centered education 
  • Working in groups: Modern Learning Principles (including group assessment)
Tuesday: Modern learning principles in student centred education
  • Presentations: Group assignments on modern learning principles 
  • Interactive session: PBL the Maastricht way
  • Working in groups: Building a student centred curriculum
Wednesday: Modules managing learning and assessing in a student centered curriculum
  • Interactive session: How to guide student in self-directed learning activities
  • Role play: Discussing critical incidences in student centred learning activities
  • Interactive session: How to create interdisciplinary materials?
  • Interactive session: From assessment instruments tot programmes of assessments
  • Working in groups: Role of knowledge and skills assessment
Thursday: Tracks managing learning and assessing in a student centred curriculum
  • Working in groups: Coordinating and evaluating educational activities 
  • Interactive sessions: Programme evaluation priniciples
  • Translate the principles of programmatic assessment into own assessment programme 
  • Interactive sessions: Implementation issues
  • Working in groups: Workplace learning instruments
Friday: Research, Tailored programme and Certification
  • Interactive session: Research in medical education 
  • Workshop: Implementation issues
  • Translating learning principles into the design of new educational materials/activities and applying them to your own context
  • Tailored programme: Choice of site visits
  • Meet the experts: Speed dating with SHE staff
  • Plenary: Wrap-up, evaluation and certification.