PBL and beyond: applying learning principles in your education.

“This experience fuels ambitions to become a health professions educationalist.”

What a week in Maastricht can do for you!

For many health professions educationalists, our Summer Course is the first inspiring and international encounter with SHE and with the many years of theoretical and practical experience in managing and assessing learning in student centred curricula as implemented by the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences of Maastricht University.

By using a mix of teaching formats, we practice what we preach during this Summer Course; thereby hoping to inspire you with possible innovative ways of teaching. Although the course is meant as a one-week introduction we touch upon a range of important topics like the effects of student-centred learning environments on approaches to learning, in particular on the deep approach, assessment, different educational formats and your personal teaching beliefs and behaviour.

Furthermore it is an excellent opportunity to network with colleagues; other participants and SHE staff, and be surrounded by the attractive atmosphere of the old city Maastricht

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