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  • Date 
    April 8, 2019
    Application Deadline 
    March 15, 2019
Course fee
  • €1450
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Research on Assessment of Professional Competence

“We need better understanding of how our assessment practices impact professional development. Excellent research is the key to success.”

Marjan Govaerts, Programme Coordinator

Fast facts


  • 12-week online course, advanced level (3ECTS). Study load: approx. 1day/week
  • Strongly oriented on assessment research and the latest developments in the assessment domain
  • Particularly relevant for candidates in health professions education with a strong research orientation.
  • We will challenge you to optimize assessment to respond to the challenges in medical education and practice for the future
  • This course is an example the perfect evidence-based approach, suitable for application in your organization
Programme information:

Assessment in the health professions is at a crossroads: ongoing and dramatic changes in healthcare and education systems call for new ways of thinking about assessment practices. Assessment is an ongoing struggle. It is the most important topic within health professions education research, as evidenced by the number of publications.

These are exciting times to be involved in assessment research. In this course, we are going to take participants to the cutting edge of where research on assessment currently is. In a very flexible program that will be tailored to our participants’ individual interests we will explore a number of areas and debates in the domain of assessment that shed light on these transitions.

  • Aquiring a broad understanding of research topics in the domain of assessment of professional competence and competence development.
  • Acquiring in-depth knowledge of recent developments and gaps of knowledge in specific topics in the domain of assessment of professional competence and competence development.
  • Exploring debates in the literature on research in the domain of assessment of professional competence and competence development.
  • Critically reading and evaluating scientific literature in your domain.
  • Asking the right questions when designing research on assessment.
  • Convincing the public of the theoretical and practical relevance of your own research project.
  • Communicating and collaborating internationally with peer (PhD) researchers.

Learners profile:

Are you interested in assessment research and the latest developments in the assessment domain? Are you MSc+ in health professions education or a PhD? Then this course will help you familiarize yourself with a broad range of research topics in this domain. You gain insight in how to do cutting edge research in these domains closely related to your own project. In addition, you will learn how to locate and retrieve essential literature and collaborate with your peers in assessing the quality of research approaches and journal articles. By the end of the course you will have an overview of modern assessment research and practice, and in-depth knowledge of recent developments and existing gaps. 

Admissions requirements

Applicants must have a higher education degree equivalent to a Dutch Master’s degree, preferably in one of the health professions. Such as a master’s degree in medicine, health sciences, educational sciences, psychology or any related discipline. 

Being involved in a (PhD) research project, planning a research project, or a deep interest in research on task-centered learning/assessment is desired.

The programme is taught in English. All submitted materials must be in English, and all communication during the programme will be in English. Thus, candidates must have sufficient English proficiency and must have adequate and active command of English (in speech and written). No additional evidence of sufficient command of the English language is required from applicants. 

Teaching method

This is a fully online 12-week course, including several synchronous and asynchronous sessions and online assignments.

Participants will work and collaborate with peers sharing a similar interest in assessment, and with assessment experts. They will acquire a deep understanding of some issues in the recent literature on assessment, and will have focused their own interests and questions on assessment that may be use either for further research or for impacting educational practice


Your teachers are true scholars and experts in the field of assessment. Marjan Govaerts, PhD and Course Coordinator, Cees van der Vleuten, PhD, Scientific Director SHE, Sylvia Heeneman, PhD; Jimmy Frèrejean, PhD.


This course will be updated for 2019 so slight changes to the objectives and content described above can be expected.

Principal Staff involved

  • Marjan Govaerts, PhD and Course Coordinator
  • Cees van der Vleuten, PhD, Scientific Director SHE
  • Sylvia Heeneman, PhD
  • Jimmy Frèrejean, PhD.