SHE Bytes

SHE Bytes creates software to support educational processes. it is our remit to facilitate and improve learning and assessment processes by linking technical expertise and scientific knowledge up with daily practice. Currently, SHE bytes offers two products: EPASS and TestLife.


EPASS is an electronic portfolio that offers plenty of opportunity to facilitate and to optimally improve the learning and assessment processes, by providing a custom-made portfolio tailored to the curriculum and to the requirements. The system accommodates the accumulation of all information in a portfolio and offert multiple ways to extract and visualise information for educational purposes. It delivers a wealth of formative and summative assessment tools.


For more information on EPASS see Download the folder of EPASS or contact


TestLife strives to improve the quality of assessment efficiently and flexibly. The system supports all parts of the assessment cycle: itembanking with (scaffolded) item and test construction and workflow support, online (adaptive) test administration and (score) reporting, (longitudinal) feedback per reporting domain and feedback based on psychometrics to improve the quality of items and tests.


For more information on TestLife see or contact