SHE Collaborates

“Working in a global context in health profession education is so very challenging and diversified; it is not a job, it is a lifestyle”!

Gerardine Beaujean MD, MHPE, Managing Director SHE Collaborates

The Office for International Collaboration

The School of Health Professions Education (SHE) started a new branch of international activities and collaborations in 2012. With the strength of the SHE approach, these new initiatives were developed into “SHE Collaborates”.

SHE Collaborates is an office for international collaboration in health professions education. The office capitalises on Maastricht University’s more than 40 years of experience implementing student-centered learning in medicine and the health sciences.
Through innovative training and consulting in the areas of education, management and research, we promote improvement in health professions education practices. We work with partners from a variety of disciplines, educational backgrounds and cultures.

The SHE Collaborates team


SHE Collaborates is strongly involved in a new continuing professional development program that has been developed for health professional educators (trainers of health professionals), coming up in Kenya 25th August 2017 – 31stJanuary 2018:

NEW course ‘Enabling Learning – Becoming A Better Teacher’

The ECSA-HC (East Central and Southern Africa Health Community) is an African intergovernmental organization with nine member states. ECSA-HC will provide the platform to make the course accessible to all health professional educators in the whole of the ECSA region.

This blended-learning program had been developed by an international team of passionate and dedicated teachers from Europe (School of Health Professions Education, Maastricht University, the Netherlands) and East Africa (The North Coast Medical Training College (NCMTC) located in Mtwapa, Kilifi, Kenya) and The ECSA-HC, who love making it easy for others to learn. Collectively, we have many decades of experience developing and implementing innovative programs to build the capacity of health professionals.

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