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The School of Health Professions Education (SHE) community consists of a diverse network that provides a sounding board between individuals sharing the same interests. Part of our mission is contributing to the continuation of the collaborative learning that takes place within this network. SHE’s international community builds on a lively international network of alumni and students as well as their professional networks. We annually report about our work, keep you updated through the SHE newsletter, meet up at conferences, organise events such as SHE Academy  and stay connected through Facebook.

The benefit of the strong SHE Community comes from the ongoing professional connections, friendships and collaborations that are forged between people engaged in health professions education around the world. These connections are made and consolidated within the network and offer supportive opportunities for each member to help solve issues in their own home countries.  


Currently there are no vacancies available. The School of Health Professions Education publishes vacancies for other institutions working in the area of health professions education. Please mail your vacancies to us 

SHE annual report 2021

This report provides a brief overview of the main activities of the Graduate School of Health Professions Education. We thank all of our affiliates who contribute to the successful activities, and we are open to your suggestions or any queries you might have about the activities of SHE.

SHE Annual Report 2021

SHE Annual Report 2020

SHE Community, Maastricht University 

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Our newsletter SHE Communicates is for all those interested in health professions education, for current course participants, our alumni and other interested parties and collaborating partners. SHE Communicates covers topics in health professions education and offers insights into the various ways in which medical education and research is structured and organised in different countries. The newsletter keeps you abreast of the latest news about the SHE programmes by announcing new short courses, degree programmes and introducing SHE course staff. Experiences of teachers in the field of health professions education are also portrayed.

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