SHE Scholarships

To provide young researchers with an insight into future opportunities within health-professions education research and to help them to build up experience in a particular area of health-professions education research we offer the following research scholarships:

Option 1: Scholarships for the course Writing a PhD research proposal

SHE offers a course on writing a PhD research proposal, in which participants learn how to write a high quality PhD research proposal consisting of a series of studies that are expected to be of interest to international peer reviewed journals. After completing the full course, participants can apply for admittance to the international SHE PhD program by submitting their PhD research proposal to the SHE. The course consists of a campus-based module of 8 days, a distance-based module and a third and final campus-based module in Maastricht.
For more information on the course, see.


Option 2: Research Scholarships for Coursework at PhD level

During the course of their PhD trajectory, SHE PhD candidates at times experience the need for extra coursework related to specific research skills or research themes. These courses present extra costs that are not always covered by PhD candidates’ existing budgets. Therefore, SHE offers the opportunity to cover the tuition fee of these courses. These courses can be SHE Advanced courses or ICO courses (ICO is the Dutch-Flemish Interuniversity Center for Educational Sciences).
More information can be found at:
SHE Advanced courses
ICO Courses 


Option 3: Research Scholarships for Bi-annual SHE Academy

Biannually in the spring, SHE organizes the community building and research conference ‘SHE Academy’ in Maastricht. Both SHE PhD candidates and SHE faculty researchers join to discuss their research, take research skills workshops, and reflect on their development. The next SHE Academy will be organized in March 2021 and will last four days. PhD candidates from developing countries can apply for a scholarship that will cover their travel expenses and that will accommodate their attendance at SHE Academy. More information about SHE Academy 2021 will follow at


Option 4: Scholarships for Research Visits

Collaborating with international colleagues can greatly benefit a research career, in terms of jointly designing, conducting and disseminating research, being part of a research community, and building a network. SHE offers international researchers the opportunity to visit the Maastricht University Medical Center (MUMC+) and collaborate with SHE colleagues. Researchers who have completed their PhD within the last ten years can apply for a scholarship that will cover their travel and accommodation expenses. During a stay of 3-6 months, visiting researchers will be able to set up and work on a research project together with SHE staff and become part of the SHE community.  


Option 5: Scholarships for Material Research Costs

During their PhD research project, SHE PhD candidates have to collect and analyze data, often at different locations and using a variety of research tools and methods. These processes can present costs that are not always covered by PhD candidates’ existing budgets. Documents to conduct experiments, participant fees, audio or video equipment to record interviews and observations, questionnaire printing, and assistance in qualitative and quantitative data processing are examples of such costs. SHE offers the opportunity to cover (part of) these material research costs.


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