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  • Date 
    June 17 - 21, 2019
    Application Deadline 
    May 15, 2019
Course fee
  • € 1,400 for a one-week programme
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SHE Summer Course

PBL and beyond: applying learning principles in your education.
“Renewed and innovated by the latest insights in health professions education, our Summer Course is the first inspiring and international encounter with SHE. This experience fuels ambitions to become a health professions educationalist.”

Dominique Waterval, Master of Health Professions Education (Course Coordinator)

Programme information

In this course we share many years of theoretical and practical experience in managing and assessing learning in student centred curricula as implemented by the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences of Maastricht University. The programme offers an introduction and global overview of the principal components and characteristics of the Maastricht approach to student centred education and in particular, how to manage learning and assessing in a student centred curriculum.

Objectives involve
  • Understanding the basic facts of PBL and how modern learning principles are used in student-centred curricula
  • Identifying the evidence behind modern learning principles
  • Learning to manage and assess in relation to different cultures
  • Translating modern learning principles into the design of new educational materials/activities and applying them to your own context
  • Track managing learning in a student centred curriculum:
    • manage your educational activities/role of tutor (critical incidents)
    • manage the evaluation of your educational activity 
  • Track assessing in a student centred curriculum:
    • understand the philosophy behind assessment
    • learn to apply different assessment instruments in assessment such as Knowledge assessment and Workplace-based assessment
    • translate the principles of assessment into own assessment programme 
  • Tailor-made options to experience the Maastricht University's learning environment by site visits
  • To be introduced to research in the field of medical education 

Student Centered Learning SHE Summer Course, Maastricht University

Participant's profile

He/she has 0-2 years of experience in student-centred curricula, such as PBL either as a teacher, mentor, lecturer etc. He/she would like to develop a deeper insight in the rationale of this learning methodology. Furthermore he/she would like to learn how to build and manage student centred learning materials, such as cases, assignments, skillslab sessions, portfolios. In addition he/she is aware of the important alignment between student centred education and (programmatic) assessment. 

He/she is relatively unknown in the field of research in medical education, but would like to be informed.

PBL at Maastricht University

The Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences of Maastricht University was, after McMaster University in Canada, the second university in the world to implement PBL as the dominant educational strategy in medical education.
In addition to its long-lasting experience with PBL, Maastricht University has always been eager to further develop this educational method. Watch the video on Maastricht University PBL

How learning works, SHE Summer Course Maastricht University Problem-Based Learning

Interactive and innovative

The popular SHE Summer Course has been innovated and further developed just like the Maastricht educational model did in the past 40 years. The interactive Summer Course is for many participants the first encounter with SHE and often represents a stepping stone to other SHE certificate and advanced courses, a Master of Health Professions Education or a PhD programme. It offers the perfect opportunity to become acquainted with the SHE continuum of training activities in health professions education, to specialise and to become educated towards different degrees within health professions education.

You will have ample opportunity to share your problems and questions in interactive sessions with experts in the educational field of SHE and related innovative educational approaches, and to discuss experiences of students and staff.

Student Centered Learning, PBL, SHE Maastricht University

Programme Overview

Preparatory Assignment and Introduction (online)

In order to align the entry level of participants, participants will receive a preparatory assignment upon registration (preparatory assignment). This assignment links to video material, literature and some questions to prepare that are linked to the topic of PBL.

PBL Summer Course (on-site)

The course will start with a general introduction of modern learning theories and its application in problem-based learning (PBL). The purpose of PBL, the underlying modern learning principles and the application of these principles in student centred curricula are discussed in day 1 and 2.

Tracks: Managing learning and assessment from theory to practice.

In the following days participants will elaborate on these topics in  two tracks: managing learning and assessment programmes. In the track Managing Learning, participants will work on developing skills to manage educational activity and programme evaluations within PBL curricula. In the assessment track participants will work on translating the learning principles in an assessment programme.

Research in Health Professional Education

On the last day, participants start with an introduction to research in the field of medical education and a joint session to reflect upon the learning experience.

Throughout the week, participants also have the option to choose from a selection of tailored activities, including site visits and social activities. 

 Summer Course Problem Based Learning, SHE Maastricht UniversitySummer Course participants 2018

Principal Staff involved

  • Dominique Waterval, MSc. (Course Coordinator)
  • Jill Whittingham, PhD
  • Valerie van den Eertwegh, PhD