Find out in the SHE Summer Course 17-21 June 2019

“This PBL summercourse is a first step to become acquainted with problem-based learning and, more importantly, the educational principles behind this system. The focus lies besides “WHAT are we doing in PBL” on the next level “WHY student centred educational formats”.


In this way the course is relevant not only to those who would like to make an immediate switch to PBL as an integrated educational system, but also to those who prefer a gradual transition of their courses/ course programme towards more student centred teaching strategies. The aim of these teaching methods is fostering deep learning and understanding which can be expressed by a deep approach to learning.

By using a mix of teaching formats, we try to practice what we preach during this Summer Course; thereby hoping to inspire you with possible innovative ways of teaching. Although the course is meant as a one-week introduction we touch upon a range of important topics like the effects of student-centred learning environments on approaches to learning, in particular on the deep approach, assessment, different educational formats and your personal teaching beliefs and behaviour”.

Furthermore it is an excellent opportunity to network with colleagues; other participants and SHE staff, and be surrounded by the attractive atmosphere of the old city Maastricht

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