Leila Niemi-Murola, Associate professor, clinical lecturer, consultant and anaesthesiologist University of Helsinki and Helsinki University Hospital, Finland

'“Enjoyable professional interaction and now also online”'

During my professional years as a clinical teacher I have learned to equate Maastricht to educational innovations and high quality. In every educational congress the workshops given by the experts from the University of Maastricht have been the most meaningful ones – and they are always fully booked. Whenever I perform a literature search the most innovative papers are written by these same authorities. 

I attended the Masterclass of Qualitative Research, which was even greater experience than I had expected. After my first course with SHE I had the opportunity to participate in the Assessment of Professional Competence course in Maastricht. The Masterclass, truly at an advanced level was based on journal clubs, short lectures, interviews and many workshops. The staff acted as true role models for us by justifying the pace and the contents of the course according to our learning needs. From 2018 on this assessment course will be given online and will be even more accessible for everybody interested in research on assessment of professional competence

I had two aims when I applied to this advanced focus courses. The first was to reach the intended learning outcomes and the second one was professional interaction with my peers and the experts. Our informal discussions will have a great impact my future work. Both courses gave me an opportunity to networking with educational activists, which is valuable also for my employer, the University of Helsinki.

Leila Niemi-Muralo

Participant Masterclass Assessment of Professional Competences