Caroline Sehlbach, PhD candidate

'I learned to ask pointed questions concerning my own research'

I decided to enrol in the course Critical Choices in Qualitative Research in the Health Professions Education, while writing the research plan for my second PhD study. Even though I had some courses on qualitative research during my Master, I felt the urge to deepen my knowledge, to learn new skills in qualitative research and to ask pointed questions concerning my own research. This course did not disappoint! The staff was profoundly knowledgeable and greatly experienced with various qualitative research methods. They had designed a varied program of group sessions, journal clubs and individual consultations. We as participants acquired theoretical insight and received hands-on tips for phrasing our research question, data collection and analysis, and writing up compelling stories.

The staff provided us with fruitful feedback and gave us ample opportunity to also receive feedback from our peers – all within a very pleasant atmosphere and small group learning. At the end of the course, we were additionally provided with a list of literature which continuous to be of aid. The course greatly helped me to refine my understanding of qualitative research and my research skills. It was very helpful for my research project and I think you get the most out of it if you have concrete research plans. Withal, the exchange with fellow researchers from various backgrounds makes this course a valuable personal and academic experience.  

Caroline Sehlbach, SHE PhD Candidate