Alexandre Lafleur, General internist and educator for competency training and assessment of residency programmes at Université Laval

'The MHPE has opened my eyes to aspects of my everyday work.'

When I decided to apply to Maastricht University’s MHPE programme, I knew its reputation. But I didn’t know how much these two years would positively change both my personal and professional lives. The MHPE really added something new to my 10 years of medical training. The positive impacts are way beyond my expectations.

The MHPE has opened my eyes to aspects of my everyday work both at the hospital and at the university. It enabled me to seize new opportunities and to initiate projects, and it made me more aware of my skills (and my limits) as an educator. The MHPE is not only about “you” being a better educator, but is more about motivating and leading others toward evidence-guided changes in medical education. Not only do you gain the knowledge in education, but also you experience how to communicate and justify your ideas.

The stays in Maastricht allow you to get feedback from your peers and teachers and also act as a source of motivation. Your next stay in Maastricht is definitively something you don’t want to miss. All students really seem at ease in this wonderful city. I am really grateful to be part of the MHPE. I will always remember the city of Maastricht as a symbol of the pleasure I had in discovering the exciting field of medical education and the pride in having done so with colleagues and teachers of that quality.