Dr. Anshu, Professor, Department of Pathology, Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Sevagram

'What I enjoy most is the way the course is designed.'

I work as a professor of pathology in a rural medical school in Central India, which has a strong background in community-oriented medical education. I have always had a keen interest in medical education. While my job primarily involves teaching and training undergraduate and postgraduate medical students as well as reporting in pathology, I realised that in order to attain credibility as a medical educator, I needed to be thorough with the theory and practice of education. Most of my medical education work involves faculty development at the levels of my institute, university, and other national and international platforms.

Two things attracted me about the MHPE programme in Maastricht, besides the reputation of the course. First, the course was flexible and allowed distance learning. This suited me as I had to balance studies with my job and I could not afford too much study leave. And second, the possibility of interacting with students from diverse backgrounds and nationalities (both on-site and off-site). This made me see the geographical diversities and range of opinions in education.

At Maastricht, what I have enjoyed most is the way the course has been designed. The course material makes you question and discover new things for yourself. The assignments are creatively built in and prompt you to reflect, explore literature and design educational material. It is a whole new experience of ‘learning by doing’. It has been an exhilarating and refreshing journey of discovery.