Daniel de Castro, Clinical Teacher of Endocrinology and Semiology

'I want to change medical education.'

At the Universidade Estadual do Ceará (UECE), I am a lecturer and PBL tutor and teach students in wards. At the age of 28, at the end of my residence programme, I was not sure what kind of doctor I wanted to be. But I was determined to become a medical teacher. I looked for books and articles in the area, trying to become a good teacher, but it was not enough. I wanted not only to make personal changes but also to change medical education in general in my city. I needed more robust training in the area.

At first, my search for a master’s programme was frustrating. My options were either staying in my country and doing a programme in a related field or going abroad and following my dream. Lucky for me, I found out that I could do both! After a conversation with a Brazilian medical educator working in the Netherlands (who later became my thesis supervisor), the MHPE was the answer. I spent less than one month abroad per year and developed the rest of the activities in my own city.

It was one of the best choices I have made in my life. In the beginning I was still a bit afraid. My English was a little rusty and I didn’t know if I could manage. But my English improved, my schedule became organised and the staff could not have been more courteous and competent. I was proud of my choice. I still am!