Jacqueline Hui, Palliative Care Physician, Lecturer, University of Toronto

'I value the supportive environment in Maastricht.'

I have a strong interest in teaching palliative care concepts, end-of-life issues and communication to health professionals.  I wanted more training on how to improve my clinical and classroom teaching and also wanted the skills and knowledge to implement palliative care programs in academic settings.  

In the past few years, I have been living abroad and will likely be doing so for years to come. In this context, I was very interested in a program that would expose to me to classmates from many cultures and nationalities. The MHPE program is known for its international slant on health education, and since starting the programme in Maastricht, I have not been disappointed.

The diversity of my peers, who come from various backgrounds and countries, has been such an added benefit to the program. The many different perspectives brought out in the tutorials and group work, have significantly shaped my learning already in the first 3 weeks. I value the supportive environment in Maastricht, the friendships already formed, and the guidance of the staff, coordinators, lecturers and workshop leaders. Much of the content can already be used in my teaching and I look forward to transferring some of the theory learned to actual practice.

MHPE cohort 2012-2014