Tahira Kazmi, Clinician and Senior Consultant Ministry of Health, Muscat, Oman

'Motivation is what drives us'

To be able to do anything, be something and accomplish goals, a person has to have enough motivation to keep going and to never give up. We have to push ourselves harder, motivate ourselves more and keep it all coming in big amounts.

MHPE is not a stroll in a park; it requires dedication and time. What allows you to expend that energy in the face of all your other commitments is motivation, plain and simple. But sometimes, other factors can keep you going too, keeping in touch with the people you meet during your brief stay in Maastricht being one of them. They’re people from all around the world and different from each other in not only in age but also in profession and in just about everything else. Perhaps that is what makes interacting with them so much fun and unlike anything you would have done before.

These people keep you grounded. They remind you of your motivation and enthusiasm during those two weeks in Maastricht. And they provide enough peer support to keep you going through all the assignments at home. You learn more from these people than what they think about the assignment topics you work together on. You learn about their unique cultures, their backgrounds and their professions, making the experience all the more interesting.

MHPE cohort 2013-2015