Why SHE? 10 reasons

Ten reasons to get involved with SHE

1. You will be inspired by the amount of scientific knowledge that is available in the education field.

Education is mostly based on tradition and intuition. That is why many are surprised by the vast amount of scientific knowledge that is available in education. To some, this is a real discovery. At your first realisation of this, you will quickly go from being unconsciously unaware to consciously aware. This is a great stepping stone for further expertise development.

2. You will experience that this scientific knowledge is often contrary to current educational practice.

Not everything that we do in actual practice is optimal from a scientific perspective. This is again a discovery to be made. What may seem intuitively true can appear to be suboptimal when scientifically tested. Theory and research often point to different solutions. However, it sometimes happens that the scientific solutions turn out to be intuitive after all.

3. You will be engaged by thinking about solutions that may apply to your local situation.

The challenge is to analyse your own teaching practice or your school. Many of our learning assignments will challenge you to analyse your local situation and to suggest improvements. You will quickly experience how the educational knowledge may transfer to your own practice.

4. By gaining more scientific knowledge, you will bring more to the table during education conferences and will more fully understand the abundant publications in education journals.

Health science education has many scholarly education conferences. It is also unique in having a vast number of international education journals. By becoming familiar with the scientific discourse on education, you will benefit considerably more from what you encounter in these forums.  You will also develop your own interests and specialise in areas that match your personal motivation and professional agenda.

5. A degree in health sciences education prepares you to become a qualified leader in your field.

We see that many of our alumni become leaders in their organisations or schools. Their expertise becomes recognised and valued, and they become drivers of innovation. They are qualified, have had considerable knowledge and exposure to education practices from other parts of the world. This helps them to have considerable impact, strongly contributing to the mission of the organisation they work for.

6. The degree training programmes prepare you to become a productive scholar in our vital academic community.

Some of our alumni become completely engaged with academic research. They train themselves and use our expertise to guide them in becoming productive scholars in the field. Many productive academic scholars in the world have based their academic careers on the shoulders of their Maastricht mentors. Friendships are for life in this academic community.

7. With proper qualifications and experience, you could become a consultant who travels the world.

Your educational knowledge will be quickly recognised. People will seek you out. And you may be surprised by the international nature of the health sciences community. Before you know, you could be traveling the world, now teaching other teachers.

8. You will become engaged with your work due to the diversity of problems you encounter.

There is never a dull moment in education! Educational practice is very diverse. There is a wide continuum of training programmes on the lifelong-learning trajectory. You will never stop learning yourself, no matter how much of an expert you become. You will discover how your educational expertise is a very effective way to improve health care and its organisation, and ultimately the wellbeing of the patient.

9. You will discover the diversity of cultures and the surprising commonalities in the problems experienced in education.

Since the education community is so international, you will become easily exposed to other cultures. All of our training programmes are fully international. You will quickly discover how much we have in common when we face the problems of teaching and learning.

10. You will most likely earn a better salary.

Your degree and the expertise you develop will be valued. The job market for specialists in health science education is quite good. Prepare yourself for being popular!