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  • Date 
    October 05 - 13, 2021
    Application Deadline 
    July 15, 2021
Course fee
  • €4550 (in two installments)
  • The course fee is to be paid in two installments: €2,850 for part 1 and €1,700 for part 2 of the course. Those who cannot proceed to part 2 only pay the first installment.
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Writing a PhD Research Proposal

" This course offers unique opportunities to refine your research questions under extensive coaching of highly qualified supervisors."

Pascal van Gerven, PhD Course coordinator

NOTE: Depending on the COVID-19 situation, this course may take place online. More information on this will be provided before the application deadline.


Programme information

The aim of this advanced course is for participants to learn how to write a high quality PhD research proposal consisting of a series of studies that are expected to be of interest to international peer reviewed journals. Students will acquire the relevant knowledge and skills to conduct an in-depth literature study on a subject in the domain of assessment and evaluation or learning environments, to formulate research questions and to choose an appropriate research methodology. After completing the full course, participants can apply for admittance to the international SHE PhD programme by submitting their PhD research proposal to the director of the SHE research programme.

The course consists of a campus-based module of 8 days, a distance-based module and a third and final campus-based module in Maastricht. Participants will be assigned to two personal supervisors, who provide feedback and coaching during the whole of the course. At the end, participants will have completed a preliminary version of their PhD research proposal.

The second part of the course is distance-based. During this part participants complete, refine and improve their preliminary PhD proposal, supported by feedback from their personal supervisors by email and Skype. Participants return to Maastricht for the third part of the course in March. During this campus-based part, they present their PhD research proposal to the SHE research community and finalise their proposal. The proposal will have reached the stage where participants can start collecting data in their own educational setting.

After 8 weeks, a binding advice will be given whether the participant may continue or should stop participating in the course. The whole course takes a total of 360 hours (12 ECTS; European Credit Transfer System).


Participants will acquire relevant knowledge and skills to write a PhD research proposal in the domain of assessment and evaluation or learning environments, to formulate research questions and to choose an appropriate research methodology. Also the course offers participants the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the SHE research programme and the SHE research community.

Examples of SHE PhD project proposals:
Michaela Wagner
Mohamed M. Al-Eraky

Student Profile

Are you planning a career in Health Education research and do you want to take the first step? Do you have a special interest in research in medical or health sciences education? Do you want to write a doctoral dissertation in this field and obtain a PhD degree?

The purpose of this advanced course is to help you (as course candidate) to focus and define your research plans. Doctoral dissertations begin with writing a research proposal. This course teaches you all the insights about how to progress toward becoming a PhD candidate. Also the course offers you opportunity to familiarise with the SHE Research programme and the SHE research community: staff members and other PhD candidates.

Principal Staff involved

  • Pascal van Gerven, Course Coordinator
  • Pim Teunissen, SHE Director
  • Janneke Frambach, PhD Coordinator