Preparing for a journey towards a PhD degree in health professions education. The SHE course Writing a PhD Research Proposal starting 2 march 2021 is a main gateway to our PhD program.

Under supervision of two experts from our school, you write a high-quality research proposal. During the writing process, you not only receive feedback from your personal supervisors, but also from your peers as well as from an independent expert.

You will also acquire a good understanding of what it takes to pursue a PhD degree at Maastricht University. Finally, the course gives you the opportunity to expand your network in health professions education research.

The course consists of small-group interactive sessions led by experienced teachers and covers essential topics, like basic qualitative and quantitative research methods, the use of theory, and time management. Moreover, there is ample opportunity to meet up with your personal supervisors. In sum, the course Writing a PhD Research Proposal is a great introduction to research in health professions education, preparing you for a good start of an exciting journey towards a PhD degree. There are still some places available for the upcoming course starting 2 March 2021

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